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Just how "connected" are we? Well, the fact that you're reading this tells me that odds are you access the internet at least once per week. But that only gives us data on you and me. So, if you're wondering to yourself, "How many people at my parish or in my diocese are utilizing gadgetry," then I've got the answer for you: 91% are connected. Gadgetry is defined as a cell phone, desktop or laptop computer, iPod (mp3 player), iPad (tablet), game console, or e-book reader.

A look at the age group breakdown is even more telling. Here are the percentages of connectedness by age group:

  • 18-34 99%
  • 35-46 97%
  • 47-56 92%
  • 57-65 92%
  • 66-74 80%
  • 75+ 57%

That means that if you are 65 or younger, then there is a less than 8% chance that you are not connected to some sort of electronic device during the course of your day. Most of these devices have some capacity to connect to the internet. And it is on the web that we have a great opportunity to evangelize and spread the Gospel message.

Whether it is a podcast, our blog, comments on a blog, a picture slideshow, our presence on Facebook, our own website, or the many other ways that we can create a digital finger print, we are responsible for engaging the 91% of Americans who are connected. I hope that you can find some ideas within this blog or on this website for ways to further Christ's mission via the web and electronic devices.

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