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If you are anything like millions of other Americans (including my mother, my wife... and myself), then you may have purchased something for yourself or a family member/friend on Black Friday.  If you fall into that category, then you may have also fallen into another rapidly growing category: shoppers who purchased something online on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  According to recently released results, online sales on Black Friday were up 24.3% compared to last year.  For Cyber Monday, the number of sales increased 22% to account for $1.25 billion being spent on that day.  Here's what this tells me - people like to make transactions online.

What I believe parishes need to do now is capitalize on this ever growing trend.  Setting up automatic withdrawal for tithing has been around for quite a while.  What I'm talking about is allowing parishioners to pay for event registration online.  Allow people to contribute to various causes and initiatives online.  For example, if your parish has a benefit auction every year, then allow people to make donations online in case they couldn't make it to the event.  Some parishes even allow their members to pay for various dues online, such as religious education fees, Knights of Columbus dues, etc.  If parishes adopt these practices, people will make use of them.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taught us that online transactions are only going to continue to increase.

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